Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Two Lists

Things which have annoyed me today...
1) Being ignored by former cohort people
2) Not being sat next to during the Big Evil Lecture of Ultimate DOOM*, even though I intentionally sat in the area my classmates all sat in last day, AND even though I inadvertantly arrived half an hour earlier than the class started.
3) Arriving half an hour earlier than the class started.
4) This nagging cough that WON'T GO AWAY.
5) Having to get up almost an hour earlier than I did at Gigabyte.
6) Being left out of all of my former cohort people's groups when making up groups during class.
7) Realizing that I've got five things due in the next week.

*henceforth to be referred to as the BELUD.

Things which correspond to the above list of things that have annoyed me, but why they're actually good.
1) I've made some different friends.
2) I got to sit by myself against a comfy squishy wall and doze off during the BELUD.
3) I got to read my book (based off this website).
4) I get some sympathy from people because I really sound sick, but it's not really hampering my ability to do stuff. Except walk up stairs. And have long conversations without coughing.
5) Umm...I got nothing. This just generally sucks.
6) I got into a group and made new friends, PLUS I get to go very early in the semester, thus freeing up time for later. Which leads into the last piece...
7) I'm going to be finished many of my assignments early, which I did a couple times last year, and it's totally the awesome when that happens.

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