Saturday, July 08, 2006


I feel like I should do a Day in the Life post for today. It'd be really easy.

1200-134: Play around online and read my book. Write in my paper journal.

501-558: Awake with a BURNING ITCHING PAINFUL OW OW OW!!! ear, nose and throat, all on the right side. Attempt: gently Q-tipping ears. No. Drinking water. No. Sneezing like crazy. No. Blowing nose like crazy. No. Drinking a big mug of Neo-citrin. Ooh. Maybe...maybe...yes... Fall asleep.

133: Wake up. Have lunch, check email etc. Do some reading for classes.

345: Realize I'm still groggy from the Neo-citrin, not safe to drive to karate. Still feel like crap.

352: Attempt to read school books in bed.

742: Wake up.

So there's about where I am now. Bleah. I'm not sure what caused the itchy burning painful ow ow ow. It was nasty. Every time I coughed, sneezed, swallowed or breathed all the bits started throbbing even worse. Gah. I think the fact that it was REALLY cold this morning and all my windows were open had something to do with that. Once I closed them and took the Neo-Citrin I felt better.

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