Tuesday, July 18, 2006

They're on to me...

Dammit! Too many people are borrowing laptops for fraudulent reasons...ie: playing with them during evil lectures. In my defense, I didn't know I wasn't supposed to do that. But now! I was actually planning on doing WORK on it today during the lecture. * They're interfering with my education!

Good thing I remembered my sketch book.

* What's this you say? I could do my work on what? What is this PAY-pur of which you speak? My god. Crushed trees? How barbaric.

Anyway, I'm in the computer lab between classes. I need another diet Coke. I had a group presentation today and my partner was sick. So I had the option of either doing the presentation solo, or postponing it. Being the kick-ass attention whore keen student that I am, I elected to do it solo. It went pretty well, although I don't have the evaluation back yet. We also had a representative from GALE come in to talk to us. I now have a pretty blue button badge that says "Some girls like girls". It matches my turquoise necklace. I'm all coordinated now.

Speaking of whores, * I'm in the process of applying to the school board that I swore I would never ever ever EVER work for. I've been seduced ** by the idea of possibly getting my own classroom in the first year. Also, the idea of going where I'm needed and can make a difference is alluring. Rather than flowing along with what's been carved out for me, I might be able to help do some carving.

* I can't wait for the google hits from this post.
** Whoops, there's another one.

Today has been very productive already.

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