Monday, July 17, 2006

I am losing my damn mind.

My nose is a little stuffed up, and of course I've been complaining about the cough from HELL for the last...what? Three weeks now? Anyway, I decided that during my shower tonight I'd light the candle under my essential oil diffuser. It's been loaded with eucalyptus oil, which is great for de-congesting chests and noses. I'm in the shower and I realize I've forgotten to light the candle. Oh well. Might as well wash my hair since I'm in here anyway. So I put in the shampoo and lather it, then do all the maintenance stuff I do in the shower while my conditioner gets deep into my hair. Except that I haven't put in the conditioner yet. Ye gods.

I'm SO READY for this semester to be over.

Just need to tweak my presentation for tomorrow and *I* get to go to *BED*.

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