Friday, July 21, 2006

Bleah, ick ptoooie.

I have the WORST taste in my mouth. One of the side effects of antibiotics that I always get (besides candida) is that my salivary glands don't produce neutral/me flavoured saliva. Instead, I get this awful bitter taste. Gum helps up to a point, but then it takes on the flavour of the bitter.

So, I'm slightly distracted by the bleah, ick ptoooie flavour. And I'm about to go write a final exam worth 100% of my mark.


And due to the pneumonia which is still raging through my system * I won't be going to Vancouver Island this weekend. :( Sadness...but I made the sensible decision. Since we'd be camping for part of the time, I wouldn't get much good sleep, so it just made sense to stay home and heal. *sigh* I wish I could go. I love the island. Maybe a different weekend.

* yesterday was BAD. The germs were retaliating against the antibiotics and vice versa. I was the victim of serious friendly fire.

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