Monday, July 17, 2006


Bwahahahah!!! I borrowed a laptop from the Education building equipment loan place from 1-415. Guess when TELUD is. I love wireless connections. Hehehe...

I don't actually have anything to say. La di da di da.


Our guest speaker hasn't arrived yet. *sigh* I just learned the breakdown of the final exam.

*rant* The entire year that I've been going through teacher training there are two things that have been the mainstay of what we've learned. They have been DRILLED into our heads. We've been told a) don't just stand at the front of the class and lecture. Teach to different strengths, allow students to discuss things, have different ways to explain things, do group work, art stuff, ETC. We are also told b) when assessing students, ensure that you don't just have a big final exam at the end of the class. Have little quizzes, assess learning informally (eg. asking questions and listening to class discussion), use projects and papers to see what students are learning, ETC ETC ETC!!!!

Guess what the format of TELUD is. That's right. Someone stands up and lectures to us for 2+ hours four times per week, then there's a final exam worth 100% at the end of this week.

ARGH. I guess this is a case of do what I say, not what I do. :P Grr... */rant*

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