Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fun with Referrers

• what to say to someone about name badge - Yahoo! Search Results
How about "Hello, (whatever the name badge says)."

• Blog Search: ebitei
From this post. The search showed up only a day or two after posting it.

• Google: chemical burns-scalp
Rinse that bleach out of your hair! Don't do what I did and look online for answers!

• Google: black-belt stuntwoman
You don't need to have a black belt to be a stunt person...might help, but I'd think it would hinder both your martial art and your stunt performing.

• nny girlfriend pictures - Yahoo! Search Results
NNY, are you holding out on us? I'd like some pictures too.

• pictures of chest x-rays of pneumonia - Search
I specifically did not post any...but then I went and searched some out so that I could have one for my MSN icon.

• Google: "ant infestation" +"sugar ant"
I recommend spid...I mean space invaders. I haven't seen any ants all year! And we've got a ton of them just outside my door in the backyard.

Things I've done today that I said I would do:
-some laundry, two loads I think...not put away yet, because I suck.
-some IEP stuff...not done yet for the above reason
-thought about project #2 for someone that only one person who reads here knows, and also project #2 which is for Dave. They're interchangeable in my mind, but they're very very different projects. Yeah...that's not confusing at all. I think I made Dave's brain explode when I tried to explain on the phone to him. Sorry, sweetie.

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