Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coughing and Mango

I cannot stop coughing. I now get a throbbing pain in my head when I cough and often I sound like I've got a puddle in my chest. I freak Dave out because I can't climb a flight of stairs without resting at the top and hyperventilating. At least once every couple hours I cough so hard I gag. There are a few other things, but you probably don't actually want to hear about that.

Raise your hands if anyone else thinks I ought to see a doctor about this.

Also, my tummy is mildly annoyed due to excessive mango consumption. That's understandable though. Damn, but it was good mango.

Today's my Friday. I got a surprise three day weekend when it was revealed to me that the only class I have tomorrow is canceled so that we can "work on our group presentations". Me, I plan on working on my "sleeping in". Wait. There shouldn't be ironic quotes for that. Anyway, I plan on starting


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