Monday, March 29, 2004

(W)e (O)wn the (O)ther (T)eam(!!)

6-1, baybeee!! Go Canucks Go!! Candyman and I went to Silver City to watch the Canucks game against Phoenix. It was probably the most fun game I'd ever seen played. Note to self: remember to take cough syrup before leaving the house next time. :/ I was coughing like crazy through most of it, but DAYMN was it ever a great time. I think I'm going to have very happy dreams about Geoff Sanderson blowing past all the defensemen tonight. My God, can that guy skate. He looks like he straps booster rockets onto his skates.

I think that the best part was how they didn't get a shot in until 12 minutes into the first period. Or the fact that we got something like 40 shots on goal, and they got like...15. Yeah. We ownzed them. Enough gloating though. We're still a point behind Colorado since they won tonight as well. >:(

Anyway. I get to work in the morning. :p Cash shift, so I theoretically don't have to do supervisor stuff...but that never happens. So yeah. I go to bed now.

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