Thursday, August 31, 2006


Two days of relaxing and talking with friends about the crap that's been bothering me. Knowing that who people care about me read this blog and then forcing me out of the house to be social.

Visiting with very young children, carrying them around until it feels as though my arms are going to fall off.

Knitting again, and getting into knitting flow headspace, where I don't think about my fingers moving and they just do, creating something out of nothing. Having my work appreciated. Teaching someone how to turn a piece of string into a piece of fabric.

Coming home to a space that has space, and is beautiful. Realizing that I made my bed this morning, totally unconsciously because if it was messy it interfered with my room.

My brain has been unkinked, smoothed out. It's like having a giant knot loosened, and then have it just fall softly apart.


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