Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hooray for Gravol!

Last night, I remembered I bought Gravol* in anticipation of going to Vancouver Island, the trip I didn't actually get to go on. :( However, I still have the Gravol! I take one and chat with Kit online for a few minutes, then it starts looking like this:

Karin said: maybe I should go back to bed and wait for sleepy making t o kcikin
Karin said: whops. htere it goes

And then I went to bed and passed right completely out, waking up at 8:30...half an hour before my last class of my career was to start. It's at least an hour's drive, plus I'd need to get ready still, I still had a vicious headache and I could feel cramps starting. I said, "forget it", emailed my prof and went back to bed.

Currently, at 1200, after sleeping for a while, while using too many commas, I still have the vicious headache, my cramps are worse and I'm really glad I stayed home. I also feel bad about it. :( I really really enjoyed the class I'm missing, and this would be only the third and a half day I've missed classes this entire year **. Now, telling you this is a scary bad thing, because every time that I brag about not missing any classes, I get so sick that within a week I've missed one. Maybe by bragging now, I'm taking up the slack for today. It's a nice thought...

*Actually no name brand "Travel Tabs". They were $1.85.
**Plus one day of practicum

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