Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Good Guesses!

I don't really want to post what I actually did to get my arms all scraped up...I like the guesses better! But, I did promise, and it is a day late.

Picture, if you will, one of the movie popcorn promo buckets. Now, picture me in short sleeves, toting said bucket. Now, after one hour, picture said bucket 3/4 filled with sweet, succulent blackberries, for my sweet boyfriend. Awwwww...

Incidentally, there's a correlation between the biggest clumps of the biggest, ripest blackberries and the greatest amount of thorns between the picker and the clump.

Today was awesome. I only have two (2!!!) days of classes left, due to field trips and other things. I have a field trip to Chinatown tomorrow (w00t!) to learn about the immigration headtax and a community centre that continues the local school's free breakfast and lunch program in the summer when the school is (obviously) closed. Friday I have a quiz. Monday is a stat holiday (BC day). Tuesday I'm supposed to go visit the Museum of Anthropology on my own, but I went yesterday, so I now have Tuesday off (whee! Four day weekend!). Wednesday I have class, but it's going to be fun. I love my Exceptionalities class. And I'm not just saying that because my prof probably has this address * or anything. ;) Thursday and Friday, my classes are finished for that day. Holy crap. I've only got two days left.

*Hi Raquel! pretty much rocked.

The fast version: I got early morning snuggles when I went to Dave's to get my lift to school, I worked out the above calculations, had an interesting class, went swimming for free, had lunch for partly free, studied for my quiz which will be pretty easy, went home with Dave and had a good dinner.

Swimming: At lunch time, students at my university are allowed to swim for free, so I arranged to be there at that time. I started out swimming in the moderate lane (slow, moderate or fast were my options) but got passed with AUTHORITY before I'd gone half a length. This was somewhat demoralizing. I've never been a ridiculously fast swimmer, but I can usually keep up. I switched to the slow lane where it took me ten minutes to swim four lengths of the Olympic sized outdoor pool, since I needed to rest after every length. This was also very depressing, so I took my towel and headed into the complex. While there, I decided not to give up so quickly, so I started slowly doing laps of the shorter pool. My goal was to do ten minutes, to match my outside stuff. I reached the end of the ten minutes, but I was on the other side of the pool, so I swam back. When I reached the end, it was pretty close (ish) to 15 minutes, so I bullied myself into going for that amount of time. I did that a few more times, and wound up swimming for 35 minutes. That doesn't really sound like much, but it's the most activity I've done in a row since Pender Island...over a month ago. I was completely exhausted by the end of it. I was resting every so often still because I was having a bit of trouble breathing still (freaking pneumonia) but I did 35 minutes worth of swimming.

I am so incredibly proud of myself.

Oh, and I drank three lime Diet Cokes. I'll just sit here vibrating for a while, shall I?

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