Sunday, August 06, 2006

It's That Day Again!

1200-fiddling around on the computer, very tired, debating whether or not I should go to bed.

145-finally go to bed, write in my paper journal and fall asleep.

1007-wake up, get up and check my email, chat with Dave on MSN about what we're going to do today. Realize that today is the sixth already, and that it's the Day in the Life.

1039-have my first pop of the day, caffiene free Diet Coke.

1118-start cleaning my room, fiddle with my settings for my computer to tape TV, make a list of all the Kim Possible episodes I currently have saved. Delete a bunch of stuff so that I can have room for new stuff.

1149-have lunch with my mom and dad (cheese, crackers, various spreads).

1252-go back to cleaning my room, watching Corner Gas on my computer

149-Dave comes over to play on my computer while I clean my room. This is a very good thing because a) I'm not on my computer, b) when someone else is here, I don't wander around upstairs or read a book and c) when I'm cleaning I need something slightly distracting, but not so much that I'm super distracted. Semi-watching someone play games is perfect. I drink my second pop of the day, Lime Diet Coke

507-I realize it's after five and I'm kind of hungry. Dinner is thought about, but since our kitchen is being renovated, there's not much to do. I sulk for a while, watch Dave play Bard's Tale (because I want to be left alone) and fall asleep.

655-I wake up. Whoops. I insist on cuddles with Dave before he needs to go.

712-Dave leaves and I wander around upstairs for a while.

739-I make dinner, which is suspiciously like lunch...crackers with melted cheese, but I also have some Raisin Bran Crunch cereal beforehand. With the crackers and cheese I have my THIRD pop of the day, plain Diet Coke. And I wonder why I have a bad stomach. I work on the crossword puzzle that my parents and I always work on as a team. I fill in ten or so words. Go me!

822-I show my mom the progress in my room. Yay! I swap my third load of laundry, and realize that the bag I put all of my fabric scraps in (so that they don't fall all over the place in the washer) opened up, leading them to fall all over the place in the washer. Bother. I untangle them from my clothes and put them all in the dryer. I'm so very sick of laundry.

852-I finish writing this post, up to this point.

More to come...

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