Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hey you...

Is there anybody OUT there?


Life has been happening. I've been at Dave's since Saturday night and just got home this afternoon.

I was starting to get sick again over the weekend, so I went to the doctor on Monday and I have got DRUGS! Here is an inhaler filled with Salbutamol to be used as needed. I also have a different inhaler (which is NOT purple. I didn't know they CAME in purple!!! I want a redo!! Stupid orange inhaler. [Oh. I should go suck it back now. Be right back...])

Uhhhh...where the hell is it? I showed it to my mom today, so I know it's around...crappity crap.

I'll post again later, but for now...I am irritated. And exhausted. Just wanted to let people know that I was actually alive.

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