Monday, August 28, 2006

Feeling Ranty This Evening

I have two major pet peeves. The first is when I'm treated like a child or otherwise incapable of something, especially something simple. The other is unsolicited advice, which kind of falls under the same category for me.

This rant brought to you by people reminding me to take my medication!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!! I'VE BEEN TAKING DAILY PERSCRIPTIONS FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSS!!!!

*pant wheeze huff*

Oddly, this is annoying me despite the fact that no one has mentioned it in the last few weeks. I guess my inhalers just aren't important enough to be reminded about. So why am I so irritated?

GOD, I've been moody the last week or so.

No, I'm not PMSing. And if anyone gives me any advice in the comments, seriously, I will come after you.

Holy crap...where is all of this COMING from??? Oh, I know what at least part of the problem room has been torn apart and the space that I thought was going to be there may not be quite as big as I'd hoped. *grumble* Which means that that part of my room might be totally useless for what I had planned. Useless=bad. Useless after several dozen hours of cleaning and reorganizing=homicidal bad.

Oh man...I've gotta get applications done tomorrow. *cries* That's it. I'm going back to working in retail.

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