Sunday, August 27, 2006

Must think of the good...must think of the good!

Hello...feeling crappy again today. What the heck has this journal turned into? I, uddenly my keyboard i only aeping eain keyroke ...elp!!

abdefgijklmnopqruwxyz 1234567890

wHaT'S Happening? Some keyS work wiTH only CapiTalS. oTHerS don'T work aT all. I Had an iSSue wiTH a SCreen reader program Suddenly opening wHen I HiT a buTTon aCCidenTally wiTH my long (To me) fingernailS.

I THink I'll reSTarT and See if THaT HelpS...beCauSe I don'T feel like Typing like THiS...wonder if a WP program will work...

Ah…good. It works over here, so I’ll just type here instead of there and copy/paste it all.

How irritating. I actually don’t feel like blogging anymore. :P Ok, I’m gonna see if I can fix this…

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