Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Can Only Wish I Had Junk in the Trunk

Instead, possibly because of the superosity of cleaninganity which I succumbified to today (and the last several days, but who's counting? Er...I mean, countingidity...) I have gunk feel in my eye. I can't actually see anything in there and my vision is fine, but it feels gunky. Bleah. (I have no idea where all the distoritifying of the English language thingisms came from. I blameify the eyedropicanas.)

I had a great evening with Gwynabella tonight, despite us being exhausted. I discovered a fellow lover of the European smorgasborg meal...mmm...four types of cheese, smoked oysters, several spreads and meats, crackers and hard boiled eggs. This is also known as "The Meal Dave Will Fall Over and Die Before Eating"...or pretty close to it. Also known as "Exaggerated for Comic Effect". Gwyn was kind enough to chat with me about some of those amazingly irritating things that I've been dealing with over the last few days. Tomorrow, I'll be visiting with beverly_sutphin and her kids...which will also destress me. Hurray!

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