Friday, August 18, 2006

My Fall Schedule

So, if I do all the things I want to do this fall, my schedule will look something like this, but with the addition of subbing between nine and three:

Sun: disc golf in the morning, gaming in the afternoon
Mon: Ultimate and/or gymnastics and/or beginner hip hop
Tue: karate
Wed: serger/sewing classes occasionally and/or beginner ballet *
Thu: karate
Fri: gymnastics
Sat: karate

*Oh my god, I don't even know who I am anymore...**
**Sorry, I know I said I was going back to brackets..but this was irresistable.

Sooooo...yeah. That's not busy at all...

Not to mention that I want to audition for a community theatre group. I think maybe I'd better prioritize these things, or I'll burn out before the middle of September...let's see...scratch out hip hop until the spring...gymnastics and sewing are drop in, so that's ok...gaming would be fun, and Sundays aren't too busy...I think I should leave off on theatre until I've gotten some dance and voice training... that leaves karate and disc sports as my chosen commitments for the fall. Do-able. Definitely do-able.

Now to acquire a JOB in order to PAY for all these lessons that I'm coveting...oh yeah...and moving out expenses too.

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