Saturday, August 19, 2006

Baby Steps

Sorry that my posts have been so boring lately. :P

I spent another day with beverly_sutphin and family...SO MUCH FUN! Also...SO MUCH WORK!!! I was ok dealing with one kid, but two? Two is just crazy talk. I don't know how parents do it. Seriously. Both kids (27 months and 1 month) are absolute darlings, each at different stages...but OMFG...the sheer amount of energy required...

And I would happily do it all again. I had an absolute blast.

-Make to do list
-Apply for BCCT membership and TQS card
-apply to a multitude of school boards
-finish secret project #1
-finish hemming two skirts
-look for a Rufus stuffed animal (I found one online for about $15 USD, including shipping etc. I'm sorely tempted.)
-take a whack of film to be developed
-finish cleaning my #$#()#ing room
-prune my rose bushes
-look up when my doctor's appointment is for a physical (bleah) AUGUST 21st 9:30 AM
-help my mom put together our new kitchen (hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week...)
-help my mom organize our basement (I'm being bribed with the possibility of moving the sewing machine and serger into the room next to mine... GLEE!)
-burn DVDs of stuff my computer has recorded. (Two down, many to go.)
-get my hair trimmed and manicure my nails
-get rid of 50% of the stuff I own that isn't craft stuff. (Living in the same house for nearly 27 years means a hella lot of build up. :P)
-find school library book
-photocopy stuff that my sponsor teacher loaned me (for that purpose)
-find stuff that belongs to my sponsor teacher and sponsor school that I forgot to give back
-register for karate at the rec centre
-remember to post about karate at the rec centre
-look into gymnastics and hip hop lessons for sometime in the semi-distant future. (Club Omega in Coquitlam is probably the closest to what I want and there are hip hop classes at a couple of community centres that sound really good.)

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