Monday, November 20, 2006


The comments on my previous post made me smile today. Thanks to everyone. :D

I have purple painted nails. Finger AND toe. Although I have to redo two of the fingers as I managed to drop the (capped!!) bottle of nailpolish under my bed and the polish wasn't quite dry yet. There's a lot of "yuck" under my bed. I should get on that...

Due to some lovely hand/body cream, I have fancy, papaya milk scented hands (and arms and elbows because I put too much on and needed to spread it around). The polish and the hand cream were gifts from Dave from Gwynabella's aromatherapy store.

Less smiling: I had my hard core schedule all figured out...was very excited about it...had my alarm set for 0800... Then I stayed up until 430 reading a novel and spent nearly five hours hitting my snooze button. At least I'll be tired tonight...

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