Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Hooray! I'm computer'ed again! My computer had been broken but it now seems to be fixed. We'll find out quickly...

It's odd how attached to the computer one gets...this morning afternoon (I'm allowed...still recovering...) I woke up and blearily went to my desk...then remembered I had no computer.

Last night, I did some sewing, a bunch of reading and went to bed early. I was caught up in a book so I didn't actually go to SLEEP early, but I had the right idea.

Tomorrow I start tutoring a student for a few weeks while the usual teacher is away. I'll be taking a bunch more of her students...assuming that I ever get myself together enough to call her about it. It's on my list. I'm doing it tomorrow.

Yep. I made another To Do list. I find it's the only way that keeps me together enough to get anything done. Apparently I'm feeling a lot better now. I had a huge dinner and needed to make some Annie's Mac and Cheese tonight because I was starving again. Hooray!

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