Tuesday, November 28, 2006


side note: I wonder how many of my posts here begin with an inarticulate noise...quite a few, I'd imagine.


My computer is currently broken! Yay! Hopefully Dave will be able to work his computer-fu on it and make things work. Seriously, WTF is up with me and broken computers over the last few weeks? Think happy "please don't lose any of the files" thoughts at my general direction if you please. The first thing I was going to do last night after uploading photos was to do a full back up of everything. DAMMIT. I realized this morning that I had close to 700 photos that I hadn't backed up yet. Eeeeeee... no good... Please oh please...

Today was lousy. Computer broken, angry about no job, etc. ad nauseum.

Then I started getting a really bad headache and my stomach started hurting in that fun, monthly kinda way. "Ah!" I said, raising my finger to the sky, then quickly placing it back on the steering wheel (as I was driving at the time). "This is why I've been so ARGH today, and would've been more ARGH if I hadn't been in Nanaimo." Hooray for PMS. :P At least this time I get to pretend my insanity has a cause.

I've been doing a lot of driving over the Pitt River bridge between my house and Maple Ridge. Several years ago, when I was first going over there regularly, there were bright orange plastic posts, about 4 feet tall, along the centre lane to discourage drivers from changing lanes whilst (mmm...pretentious Englishe writinge.) going over the bridge. I hadn't been that way in a while, and I noticed that every. Single. One. of these posts had been shortened to roughly 1 foot high...about the height of an average car bumper. As they are now, these posts are more of a polite suggestion than any type of deterrent. You know what really would deter people instead of plastic posts? A concrete divider. :D

Or else a PMSing, underemployed teacher using her under-utilized "teacher glare". Man, put one of those every twenty feet...THERE WILL BE NO LANE CHANGING!!!

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