Sunday, November 12, 2006


Couldn't sleep last night, possibly due to the eighteen hours I had slept that day, and the fifteen from the day before. So I was up from one am to eight am, then slept until 4.

Good grief, I've become completely nocturnal.

I am feeling better though. I'm a bit queasy and weak, but I'm taking that partly as a result of not being able to eat much for three days. Now, of course, I've started coughing as my cold has decided that I'm better enough to invade.

Does anyone know if no name Gravol and Tylenol are bad to combine? My neck has been really sore the last few days due to odd sleeping positions and far too much time reading/being online with my head held oddly. Oh, and Neo-Citrin too. NC is my wonder drug for colds. kthx.

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