Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm really probably only going to talk about one of three or four topics over the next few weeks. Those topics are: writing, cleaning, job hunt and photography. Guess which one I'm going to talk about now. :) Hint: check the title.

Anyway, I was looking through the photographs I took while I was in Scotland/England a few years ago (four and a half now...yikes.). Some of them weren't too bad. However...the camera that I was using (and probably my lack of experience in photography) caused the colours to be fairly washed out in some of the shots. This makes me sad because I really like how some of them should have turned out.

Now that I have a brand new awesome camera of awesomeness, there's only one solution...

Back to the UK for holidays!

Due to money issues (ie: the total lack of it [money, not issues]), this won't happen for a while. I'm interested in travelling though. I like that I have been doing a little bit around the province, and I'll be doing some more over the winter (disc golf tournaments). Soon I will have money. And then I will go around the world a bit, to see what I can see, and maybe take a few (thousand) pictures while I'm there.

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