Friday, November 17, 2006

NaBloPoMo Day 17

This post is a potpourri. Hence, no descriptive title. Although none of my titles are really THAT descriptive. And none of my posts are really that un-potpourri-like.

Wow...I've done more than half way on the posting every day thing. I'm pretty impressed with myself. :) Unfortunately, the same cannot be say for NaNoWriMo. I wrote hard for the first five days, then gave up. I got sick, I got depressed, I got REALLY SICK FOR THREE DAYS OMG!!!! and so I've decided my time was better off elsewhere.

Last night, the rabbit that runs on the wheel inside my head refused to step off the wheel, churning it around madly within my brain for hours. And hours. And hours.

Until six am. The squeak of the wheel was as follows, "you'renotgonnaGETajob you'renotgonnaGETajob you'renotgonnaGETajob you'renotgonnaGETajob". It was really nice. I was so excited. :P Finally at six I was starving, as one is when they're up at some ungodly hour, so I ate a yogurt, took 1/4 of a Gravol and was knocked out fifteen minutes later.

I managed to get up for an hour or two at 11, then came back down and passed out until five.

Looks like I'm back to being nocturnal...but that's not so bad tonight! Because I'm hanging out with Gwynabella and Dave this evening, and there will be food maybe a movie and possibly even wine consumed because guess what...

It's been over a month since I went off booze and caffeine!! YAY!!! Good news: the dizzy spells have nearly vanished after the hellish first week and change. Bad news: the dizzy spells went away...which means it was probably the cutting out of the caffeine that did it. Dammit! To test that theory, I toasted the arrival home of my brother yesterday with one of my beloved Lime Diet Cokes. I have missed thee. The Diet Caffeine Free Cokes with a squeeze of lime juice? Faugh! They are as mud to your sweet, sweet, caffeine-y and artificial lime goodness. *cuddles up to one*

Ahem. I quite enjoyed you may be able to tell.

Unfortunately...guess what happened twenty minutes after I finished it. Mild dizzy, mild nausea. This could've been because I was about to drive to Maple Ridge to teach a new student upon whom I cancelled the previous day because of the windstorm and I wasn't sure how the parents would react to me. So could've been fact, I believe it was indeed nerves.

And to test that, I'm gonna have one! Just not tonight. I'd rather the rabbit fell off the wheel on its own...not because I shot it with misused Gravol.

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