Saturday, November 25, 2006

Greetings From Nanaimo!

This internet terminal doesn't have a very good space bar... $1/ten minutes! Ai-yi-yi! It's in the lobby of our hotel and I'm standing up after seven hours of disc golf.

It's snowing here. It's kind of nice, because we don't have to come home tonight...but I'm not sure when we'll come home tomorrow...maybe early. Auntie J, could you tell Mom if you see her online that we're ok in the snow? Thanks!

Last night we had dinner out at a family restaurant with juke boxes on some of the tables...not ours though. :( Probably just as well because I wouldn't've paid attention to Dave if there had been. "Ooh! They've got FLOYD!!! Huh? What? Yuh huh...ooh! Jewel!" *clicky clicky* I had a rather uninspired seafood soup and "Caesar" salad. Oh well. Then Dave and I went to see Happy Feet, because we would have just been around our room so we figured we'd actually go out.

Disc golfing was pretty awesome. We played in the COOOOOOLD for a lot of the time. Things were warming up a bit and the sun even made a wee brief appearance, but then it started snowing. At one point I had to switch from my white discs because the ground was covered! I slid down a hill on one of my discs. It was amusing, but my hands froze after that. Luckily it was the last hole.

Also! Guess who won Amateur Ladies? Yeah...that'd be me. :D I've got a trophy and twenty bucks to prove it. WOOO!!

Ok, time's up. *love* Talk to everyone later.

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