Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm going to ask your indulgence for any spelling errors and/or typoes which may appear in this entry, as I am curretnly sitting cross legged on the floor, gazing longingly up at the monitor, in front of my computer desk. You see, I've been cleaning. And since I've got enough stuff in this tiny bachelor suite to fill (easily) a two bedroom condo, I had to move the most portable large objects out of my way so I could move boxes et. al. So yes. The two things that got moved were my exercise bike and my computer chair. This annoys me. But at least it means I'm not playing Solitare until the wee hours of the night. *siiiiiiiigh*

Yeah. Ok. Going to try and wrestle at least the chair back in here. It's kind of buried beneath a bunch of crap from my room. Actually, most of it's pretty good stuff...but it's stuff I don't need anymore. My mom and I are having a comeptition about how much junk we get rid of by next the Diabetes Association is coming by with a big ass truck to haul it all away.

Thank goodness. :P

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