Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Diet Nobody Wants

(aka: Why do I always feel compelled to tell the internet that I've been throwing up?)

Starting around 0800 yesterday morning, I started feeling kind of icky. I blamed the fact that it was 0800 in the morning and I hadn't slept well. I've been yo-yo'ing back and forth between staying up all night, then sleeping most of the day. Rinse and repeat. So yesterday, I was going to a teaching ProD day that I'd been invited to and that I really wanted to go to...the catch being that it was in Abbotsford at 0900. And it was raining. Hard. I don't like driving much at the best of times, and driving out to Abbotsford (unfamiliar roads), in the hard rain ( was REALLY coming down) and not feeling wasn't high on my list of things that I'd really like to do.

So, I made it out there, largely without incident (found Abbotsford Airport by accident...) and mostly on time (due to aforementioned Abbotsford Airport incident). By this time, I was feeling absolutely foul. I was dizzy, felt nauseated...really fun. I made it through the (very very interesting! I'm glad I went) conference, ate some very nice Greek food that had been provided for us and drove home in the slightly (very slightly) less pounding rain and got home around two. I promptly went to bed, feeling like death, in preparation for date night with Dave.

When I woke up, I felt ok. Not great...just decent. Better than death. Dave arrived and we hung out for a bit while I showed him Evil Genius. Then...then I started feeling really, really bad. REALLY bad.

To make a long story short (all together now: "TOO LATE!!") I was basically getting rid of everything I've ever eaten in the last six years from midnight until six in the morning when my mom's chewable anti-nauseant finally kicked in. I then slept until nearly five pm.

Currently, I feel ok. Not great....but I just had a shower and that seemed to help. Bleah, I say.

Oh, and Dave is my witness in this. Around 1230 or so (after I was sick the first time...first of MANY) I sat up on the couch where I'd been lying with my arm over my face, and in a panicked voice asked, "HAVE I POSTED YET??? IT'S AFTER MIDNIGHT!!!" After being assured that yes, indeed I did post after midnight the previous day, I fell back into my couch stupor.


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