Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ugh, broken sleep.

A BORING NARRATIVE: The Saga of the Missing Knitting Needles.

I dreamed that I found my needles in my room, so I called beverly_sutphin to tell her the good news. Then I woke up and realized they were still missing, so I got very sad and went back to sleep. I then dreamed that I had my needles, so I told beverly about the dream I'd had where I hadn't actually found my needles.

Then I woke up. Again. And I was very depressed because I was getting obsessive about those stupid needles. So I got up and tore my room apart. (This is all awake for real.)

Then I tore my car apart.

Then I walked around my neighbourhood for an hour in the hot sun searching in case the evil bastards who broke into my car had dumped them someplace. I also took pictures. A roll and a half of film.

Then I came home and made a coffee smoothie with my mom's new blender and had lunch.

Then my mom started getting obsessed with my missing needles, so SHE looked around for half an hour.

Then I got sick of the whole thing and went to take a twenty minute nap. Of course, I dreamed about the GODDAMNED needles. Then I woke up and came to sit down to check blogs before tutoring.

Then. Then, I noticed a bag beside my computer that I didn't remember looking in. I opened it.

Inside...were my needles.

Un FUCKING believable.

(Incidentally, my aunt has been outted in that I learned she still reads here fairly frequently. I'm debating either upping or lowering my use of the word "fuck". Hi Auntie J! Feel free to comment!)

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