Saturday, September 16, 2006

Wish List

Hello, it has come to my attention that my birthday is coming up. And so, since this is a medium which I use to remind myself of things, I will be posting this list.

And it also has the added bonus that people may actually want to get me something off this list. ;) But no pressure.

Also, if someone would like to donate money on my behalf to the Red Cross, your local school district, Children's Hospital, or any other charity that you can think of, I would be absolutely thrilled. :)

"All Miracles Have a Price" graphic novel

White, drawstring waist karate gi (uniform) size four. Any quality (I mean, if someone wants to get me the Todkaido gi, I certainly wouldn't turn it down.) found at Mikado Martial Arts and others around the city.

Kim Possible: Rufus Talking Bueno Nacho cute.

My RioKarma (mp3 player) fixed.

1G i-Pod Shuffle--Because I'm sick of carrying CDs around since my Rio broke

Flickr Pro Account-because I have over 200 photos and the old ones are dropping off the end. And that makes me sad. Wishlist

Also good are gift certificates for any or all of the following: Ikea, Michaels, BestBuy,, Costco, Fabricland, Fabricana

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