Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mishmash Post

Dave and I had a really great anniversary day/weekend. Thanks everyone for your good wishes. :) We went out for lunch at our first date restaurant (Milestones) where I had a grilled seafood was the awesome. Then we looked at digital cameras, and I decided for sure on which digital camera I'm going to get for my birthday/graduation/anniversary present. It's not available yet (boo!) so I'm going to be all secretive until I actually get it into my hot little hands. Then, we watched a few episodes of Prison Break (OMG!!111!!! SO GOOD!!!!!) and we're almost caught up to the point of what is currently being aired.

Knitting, Arts and Crafts
I've been doing some knitting over the last few days, because Beverly asked me if I could knit up some soaker pants (PDF file) for her son. I'm so excited about this...yes, creating this article of clothing specifically to clothe her son's butt. Who am I becoming?? I also managed to get Beverly started with the knitting skillz and since she's a freakish overachiever, she's learned a more efficient way to knit and has gotten ridiculously good in an even more ridiculously short period of time. I'm jealous. :) But I guess it just shows what a wicked good teacher I am.

I'm thinking about opening up an online store. I'm excited. More details coming later.

Saturdays in the Park
I played SkyTrain tag with the Saturdays in the Park crew yesterday. It was loads of fun, even though my team was WINNING until the last 20 minutes when we lost most badly. I really enjoyed myself. Sadly, Marta and Rob are leaving for Ghana next week for the next seven months, thus leaving a gap in the leadership. Therefore, I have stepped up and taken over, becoming benevolent dictator.

This means more people who read this blog must come out to SitP. Updates will be this space!

During my meanderings of various places online, I found this post by RealLivePreacher who talks about interpretations in the Bible about homosexuality. It's an older post of his, but a really interesting read. I'm going to be looking around in his archives I think. I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen so far.

Comments are temporarily off because I was fiddling with the template and I'm too lazy to fix them. Also, I still don't have access to change Random Synapses over to blogger beta, and that irritates me. SO VERY TEMPTED to migrate over to Live Journal. I'll probably get sad at the lack of comment feedback though, and comments might be back by this evening. I'm a mercurial woman...what can I say?

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