Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Channeling Eeyore

I'm depressed.

It's raining.

At least two of the six school districts I want to work in aren't hiring anymore.

I'm practically broke.

I trained for a year, and might end up working retail again because I'm not getting any calls.

I can't find my knitting needles to finish off a project and start a new one.

My life has suddenly stalled, after it seemed like it was all coming together.


Ok. Enough of that.

In honour of my thirtieth* (27th) birthday I'm having not one, not two, not THREE, not even FOUR or even FIVE BUT SIX celebrations!!!! That's right! One celebration for every five (4.5) years I've been alive. There are four that I'm inviting the general public to...And seriously, if you can't make it to at least ONE of these, you'd better damned well live outside the province...seriously. So there. :P

Here's the plan:
Thursday October 12: karaoke
Friday October 13: get-together at my place
Saturday October 14: something downtown in the evening
Sunday October 15: something during the day.

September 29th-I have no idea what I'm doing...Kit and Bimkins are in charge of this.
October something-family dinner

Hello, I'm a spoiled brat, but I don't care because I'm having a lousy few weeks and I want to celebrate, dammit!

*beverly_sutphin's idea...start now thinking like I'm thirty, then when it happens it's not such a shock.

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