Saturday, September 16, 2006


Things that have happened this weekend to annoy me:
-someone from my practicum had her orientation for a school board that I'd like to get into. I still haven't had a call.
-my car was broken into

-I organized my first Saturday in the Park and only one other person came out.
-people keep telling me to stop leaving stuff in my car. GOD. I *KNOW*. Stop telling me crap that eight people have already said.
-I forgot I was supposed to tutor this morning, so I cancelled since I had SitP. Great. Now I'm neither tutoring, nor doing SitP.

HOWEVER! I have home made borscht. It is delicious. The beets taste like carrot-y potatoes and there's a bunch of meat in it. This makes it just like delicious stew, except bright red. And I successfully carried it past my white, freshly washed karate-gi, without spilling even a drop on it. A good thing, since boiled beet juice is used for permanent-esque dye. Yes.

I think I need a nap before karate.

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