Wednesday, September 06, 2006


The following is a conversation with a darned smart two year old.

Drew: *staring at the playdough on top of a bookshelf and pointing* I wan' da pay toe.
The Teacher: *sitting on the bed and playing dumb* You want a potato?
D: PWAY toe!
TT: Potato?
D: *enunciating carefully for the stupid adult* PUH-LAY DOH! For on da foor in my WOOM.
TT: Ohh! *I reach my arms towards it, while sitting six feet away on the bed* I can't reach it. Sorry!
D: No! Get UP!
TT: *gets up and stands six feet away* Nope! Sorry Drew...still can't reach it.
D: *looks thoughtful for a second* Come ova heah! *she points at the floor at the base of the bookshelf.
TT: *moves over and reaches...still too far away* Uh uh. Can't get it yet.
D: No!!! Come ovah HEAH! *she moves out of the way and points to the floor RIGHT at the base*
TT: Uhhhh...UUNNNNGHH!!! *I reach up with my lower arms, leaving my upper arms locked at my sides* I can't get it.
D: Weach youw awms ALL da way up!
TT: *to her mom* Ok, I think she earned this.

And we go and play pway toe in her room on the floor.

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