Friday, April 23, 2004


Insert pithy saying about raining and pouring here.

I met my first student this morning...I'll be teaching him three mornings a week, then I'm meeting my second student tonight. I need to do the whole "impress the parent" thing like crazy though. Apparently our talk on the phone left her with the impression that I'm "childish". Lovely. I mean, I AM childish...just not while tutoring. :p So yeah. I'll be leaving in about an hour...this is after working for six hours today and getting up early two days in a row. I'm kind of tired.

Got my schedule for the craft store today. Honestly, I was expecting to be let go because I told them I couldn't work any night shifts and I couldn't do Saturdays, but I wound up getting 30+ hours next week! Gaahh!! Not that I'm complaining...but I'm really surprised!

And I found $20 on the floor today. That's the second time in a month. :D This pleases me.

Exercise yesterday: 2 hours of Ultimate practice and a 20 minute walk

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