Tuesday, April 06, 2004

o/~ OCD and ADD, those are the letters that are right for me! o/~

Sometimes I really hate the internet. It's a super time eater for me, and the fact that I have tendencies similar to those letters in the title makes it that much more difficult. I have a really short attention span and lose interest in things easily, which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. I needed to have somewhere that I could easily write up my goals and get a good idea of what I was doing and how well I was doing. However, this blog itself has turned into a time eater. Not writing, really...since I don't update super frequently or with very long posts generally. But, if I were to take all the time that I'd spent reading my blogroll (or obsessively going to all the blogs on it, even the ones that are really good about pinging) and/or comics, I would have at least another half hour in each day. This could be better used on cleaning my room, cataloguing books, reading, doing coursework (next semester), trying to write a good Canadian novel...etc.

So, I'm going to Ikea to return my medicine cabinet so I have enough money for rent. :p What a pain. I'll probably rebuy it in two months...but it's annoying.

Exercise today: Nothing yet. I'll see about walking to work...I'm almost out of gas and money.

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