Wednesday, April 14, 2004


After spending most of yesterday and the day before lounging around playing free computer games, I finally overdosed yesterday. Yay!! I got some writing done yesterday...I've starting writing fiction again. Candyman has been super helpful with that...encouraging, helping me create writing exercises...etc. A couple days ago he sent me a list of topics that I could write a short story on, less than ten pages, and I have about four pages done on it. Also, last night he gave me a pad of paper, a pen, a topic and thirty minutes and I wrote (in LONGHAND) about two pages. This is fun.

Today I've got a schedule of stuff that I'm working on in my room and I'm finally getting stuff cleaned up from when I had to pull my bathroom apart. While my bathroom looks fabulous (I sometimes will wander in there to do something [brush my teeth etc.] and just stand there in awe for a few minutes) the rest of my room has all the clutter that the bathroom contained. I am planning on organizing it at some point, but I have a fairly major sugar ant infestation that goes in waves...there hadn't been any for a couple days, but there were thirty or so in another spot then. And today I found one on my bed while I was sorting clean laundry to put away. Ugh. I fed it to my Siamese fighting fish.

I'm getting rid of a bunch of underwear, socks and stockings. Does anyone have any opinions about what I could do with them? It's a big bulk of cloth that I'd prefer to not chuck in a landfill. I'm thinking about trying to find an "adult ebay" and auction some of it off. Anyone done that? Is it worth it?

Exercise yesterday: walked about 3 km

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