Thursday, June 01, 2006


I have so many things I've mentally noted to write about and I can't think of many at the moment.

I saw X3 last night with Kit, Bimkins, Dave and Michelle (whom I believe I've mentioned once or twice. I was her bridesmaid two or three years ago.) I finally got to see a trailer for Snakes on a (mothaF*CKING) Plane! I think I was the only one in the theatre to "get it". Although it's funny because I was pretty meh about the whole thing, but now I'm all over it.

I made guacamole tonight. Mmmmm...guacalmole. Too much garlic, which means it's almost garlicky enough for me. So gooooood.

That's about it. I want to make an appointment for an eye exam, since I haven't had one for about five years. I've been noticing things getting a little blurry around the edges...kind of losing their sharpness. I've had glasses before (and look damn fine in them) but I tend to forget to wear them.

Appointments I need to make: doctor, dentist (ensuring that the asshole hygenist doesn't clean my teeth again. He was such a wanker, and I actually threatened to walk out if he didn't quit telling me that I made a bad choice about going into teaching.), optometrist, audiologist. Bleah. I hate making appointments for stuff. :(

Tomorrow's gonna be such a slack day. I'm excited. I didn't even need to prep anything. :D

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