Sunday, June 25, 2006

A test I would love to study for

A post in which I talk far too much about my weight and food.
I got to watch four people test for their black belts today. It was really amazing to watch...and it's somewhat motivating, considering that one of them began training...oh, about a month before I did. Yeahhhhh...oh well. Motivation. It was really terrific though. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. A bunch of us all went out for dinner afterwards, and it's always so much fun to talk with everyone. We're all from such different backgrounds, with different experiences, but we've always got something to talk about, be it snakes, karate, cigars or children. Everyone has something to say and their perspective and filters are all different. I sometimes worry that I monopolize the conversation, so I'm going to try and stop talking so much and try to listen more. That's a good idea for all parts of life.

Oh, and two people noticed that I've lost weight. *fist pump* YES! The official tally is that I lost 12 lbs over the course of my practicum (3 months). I'm now down to somewhere under 160 lbs* and have stayed there for a few days. My goal for this month was to get under 160. Next month my goal is to stay under 160 for the whole month, then the next month is to get under 155, etc. That's a pretty safe set of goals, as the whole crash dieting thing is probably** less than good.

* My scale fluctuates like crazy. Today it told me that I was 134.5 lbs. I laughed at it.
** By probably I mean "definitely" and "I have people who will kill me if I try it" and "My stomach hates me already...I'm not going to intentionally annoy it".

A couple of days ago I bought some egg whites in order to make plain egg white omelets* and I finally got around to opening the carton today. Ok. So, I bought these egg whites, and some nice, whole grain bagels to use as a good healthy breakfast. So, what do you think I had for breakfast? First, I soaked some WHITE bread** in the equivilent of about six egg whites. Then I fried the two pieces in butter to make a french toast type thing, and put six slices of bacon in them to create a french toast bacon sandwich. It. Was. Phenomenal. Totally defeated the purpose of the lower fat egg whites, but oh well. It filled me up and was my breakfast and lunch. It kept me going through karate(lighter class today, due to the aformentioned testing, but still...). It really reminded me of someone buying a supersized Big Mac meal, and ordering a diet Coke to go with it.***

* If you haven't seen this movie, you're seriously deprived. Best make up scene EVER.
** Which I've been pretty much avoiding for the last six months.
*** Um. I've actually done this too. Not supersized though... I justify it the same way I justified my brunch today. "I'm cutting out the fat/sugar where it doesn't bother me and enjoying the rest of my food."

I've actually only been to MacDonald's two or three times in the last few months. I went for breakfasts a little bit at school before March because there's a McD's right on my route and I'm usually starving. But yeah. I've been trying to save money and cut out junk I've been twice I can remember. Oddly, both times were with my tutoring student T, once to get her a treat for going to my boss's house and getting assessed, and once as a treat for her birthday.

Dammit. Now I'm hungry. And tired.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but Dave and I are going to be out of town for the next week. We leave on Monday morning and will be on Pender Island until Friday. EEEE!! So excited! Hot tub and ocean and shopping and disc golf and fishing and kayaking and, and and... Anyway, I'll probably not bother posting, but I'm sure I'll write all about it...just like how I told you all about my day in the life post...yeahhhh...

Ok, going to bed. Many things to do tomorrow.

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