Sunday, June 04, 2006

Laundry List

Is it just me who calls it that sometimes? Why a laundry list? I would guess that a person's laundry list would look like this:

-do laundry
-fold and put away laundry

I suppose that those steps could be broken down into other steps, but that just seems ostentatious.

Anyway, here's what *I* did today.

-Took T (my student) out for lunch/buying a CD because it's her birthday on Tuesday (something she's been reminding me of for the last four months. Not in a "get me something" way...just an "I'm so excited!!" way. This makes it significantly less obnoxious.)
-changed laundry from washer to dryer (had to get laundry in there someplace)
-made a bet with Dave that I would win at disc golf today.
-lost by seven strokes at disc golf today.
-went to the mall and had two bathing suits, a pair of shoes, various shoe and sport paraphenalia and a grand amount of undergarments purchased for me.
-had dinner at Dave's
-read "The Positronic Man" by Isaac Asimov
-came home and put together the ultimate fruit salad, containing the fruits I love (grapes, pineapple, banana, peach [I forgot about the mango until after my container was full, I didn't feel like peeling oranges and I like to save my apples to eat with peanut butter or cheese. {and Dave cringes as he reads that last part.}]) and none of the crappy filler fruits that are in commercial fruit salad (Melon. Bleah. [And Dave thinks of all the times I've eaten melon and enjoyed it.])
-currently thinking about my final reflection for my practicum, eating my guacamole and chips, and a bowl of fresh pineapple in front of me, in anticipation of my desire for a sweet food instead of my salty chips.

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