Saturday, June 17, 2006


Does anyone besides me actually care about that stupid Day in the Life post?* I think I'll post it later anyway.

*(my post is stupid, not the concept. I love the concept. It just seems weird to me to post it uuuuhhhh....11 days late. And it's only up to 9:30 am. Oh well. It's a cute story so far, maybe I'll just post it as is. [aaaaaaaaaand, the footnote is longer than the sentence it inspired. Significantly so. {but I don't think that's unusual.}]**

**what was the point of footnoting something that's right at the end of the sentence? I admit, I'm copying slightly from mimi smartipants...but I really like that flow...we'll see if it works. After all, I'm all over the nested brackets.

Where the hell was I?

Oh yes. I got my final report from my practicum, and since I already typed out half of it to email to my parents* I figured that I would just copy and paste what I wrote.

*They're on a cruise through the Baltic with my little brother. Lucky so'n'so's. I've got the house to myself for the next two and a half weeks. Am planning themed get this space.

Comments in [square brackets] are mine.

"K was able to deal well with both the younger and older students of the school. K saw herself as part of the school community and acted to share resources and ideas openly and was willing to invest her time and energy into projects that were jointly undertaken with her teacher and two other student teachers..."

"K participated in aa successful EOC [employee on call] exchange day with a challenging Grade 3 class at another school."

"From the start she was determined to apply herself to her goal of becoming a great teacher and demonstrated the ability to practice what she was seeing with her School Advisor and make use of feedback from all sournces including her own self reflections. Throughout the practicum, K developed more confidence and worked towards organizing her materials [hahaha...that means my desk was STILL a mess...] and plans to be successful. As a result, she was able to plan and carry out meaningful, fun and interesting lessons and make changes when necessary to meet the individtual students...She exhibited professional mannerisms in all her actions."

"The integrated Plants, Butterflies and Rainforest units K prepared were creative and well suited for the students. She decorated the classroom accordingly and the students artwork became murals all over the walls and ceilings."

"Additionally, she was able to effectively involve one student with special needs."

"K took on all routines and responsibilities in the classroom...K loved reading to the students and always brought in an excellent collection of books well suited for her themes."

"K grew incrementally in her ability to orchestrate student learning in a safe and student centered environment....K has a very calm and patient manner and always treated students, parents and staff members with respect...K excelled in giving students genuine praise and encouragement and the pleasant tone of her classroom refected this."

"Throughout K's practicum there has been excellent growth. She appears comfortable in the role of teacher and personal attributes such as initiative, love of children, desire to connect with the students in meaningful ways, and an opennes to learning will ensure that her gowth will continue as she enters the profession. Equipped as she is with many natural talents and enhanced by her on-site training with a great educator [YAY for my sponsor teacher!!] she stands ready and prepared for teaching. We are happy to recommend K as a new teacher! [exclamation point is my faculty advisor's.]"

Now to start applying for jobs. Gah.

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