Saturday, June 03, 2006

Something I Have Wanted to Write About and Have Forgotten Until Now

The female staff bathrooms in Vancouver schools are very odd. There's a locking door, a small area with sink, soap, garbage can, etc...then a single stall within the room, which also locks and contains the toilet. I don't understand why the toilet needs to be sequestered away from the sink. It's not like the sink will be offended if they're in the same room. Nor will there be anyone else in there washing their hands if you lock the main door. I'm confused...and I have this compulsion that I can't just lock the first door and leave the other one alone. It's a small thing, but it irritates me. When I was in a different school (which had the same layout!), I decided that I was going to just leave the damned inner door open. I don't know why it bothers me, but it just DOES! Anyway, I left the door open, and I heard someone rattling at the door to open it. Minor panic, then I laugh to myself. Silly! There is a lock! And it is locked! Ha ha ha!

And then I hear a key turn in the deadbolt.

More than minor panic ensues as I lock the inner door. Whoever it was didn't actually come in, but it was a very weird moment. Why would someone try to open the door? I'm even more confused by that. The door at Gigabyte has a latch bolt and no key, which is why I was complacent.

Aren't you glad you waited around to read this?

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