Sunday, June 25, 2006


I think after next week I'm going to need a Pro Flickr account. I still have several dozen photos I want to put up, and I can only put up a dozen a month. This isn't even counting the pictures we'll be taking this week at Pender.

I was up stupid late last night, resulting in weird dreams that my students were in my room wandering around, and their parents. I got up at one point to move the bra I had hanging on my stationary bike because there was a dad who had come to pick up his child. I woke up at nine, after planning on sleeping in and setting my alarm. WTF? Yesterday I hit snooze for two hours because I didn't want to wake up.

I finally got up about quarter to ten after deciding there was no way I was sleeping any more. While I had been not-sleeping in bed, I came up with a great exercise routine. I live on a hill, and my backyard garden has about a twenty foot high slope with stairs and stuff on it. Our hose is broken, so I can't get it down there to water the plants I put in a couple of days I had two movie popcorn buckets filling themselves as I brought the other one down. It was awesome. I ran up and down the stairs carrying a bucket of water for about ten minutes. I was being timed, because while I was going with the first bucket, the second was filling up in my bathroom sink. After all that, I did fifteen minutes of karate practice in the backyard. Wow, does the sun ever get HOT. Even at ten thirty AM. I did all of this in a skirt, BTW. I have an official MEC hiking skirt, which I'll be bringing with me this week. :D :D :D :D

I'm REALLY tired now though. I should finish packing, take a shower and finish (start) my application process for the school board I'm applying for this week.

Instead, I may just take a nap.

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