Thursday, June 22, 2006

So tired.

I'm in the middle of what my sponsor teacher calls a "Star Wars project". It entails a hell of a lot of work, with little or no payoff (referring to the Death Star). I'm creating a photo album for my kids...and I've arranged it like an actual book, so I have to make sure the pages are all correct and split up and it's very confusing to me...I have to go to bed now. I'm herding a group of five, six and seven year olds around the Vancouver Aquarium tomorrow. On six hours of sleep? Aiieee.

Did I mention that my faculty advisor has warned us that if we leave any students behind on a field trip, we fail our practicum? :P

I'd better get to bed. I have Subject 392-B in my group...luckily, this child adores me and won't let me out of sight. The problem will be disengaging for long enough to ensure the other five students in my group don't fall into the shark tank too often.

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