Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pender-Day 2

Yesterday received a sunburn on my shoulders...not too bad. Yes, I did indeed wear sunscreen. We saw a bald eagle flying, a bunch of jellyfish at the dock, hawks, deer and different types of butterflies. I think one was a swallowtail, but I'd have to look that up. Pretty sure I saw a monarch.

Last night I was asleep before midnight. Dave was cleaning up the kitchen a little bit, then came to get me. We went out to the front patio where I lay down on a reclining chair and looked up at billions of stars. It was incredible.

Today so far we've played nine holes of disc golf, scored some free books at a really nifty recycling centre, saw MORE deer (one of which I got a couple pictures of) and are now eating lunch in preparation for more disc golf later in the day. I'm about to go looking online to see what school distric Pender is in so that I can apply here too. I'm completely enamoured.

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