Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Feeling groovy.

I found a cheque that I needed to pay off my Visa bill today. :D Yay! I've got space in my room and Operation: Get the Giant White Monster Desk Out Of My Room So I Can Have A Lovely New Inexpensive Desk is coming along nicely.

However, you know what annoys me? ... Well, yes, that does. But that's not what...ok, fine that too. Lots of things annoy me. Shut up now. I find it disproportionately annoying when I look at an ad and think "Ooh! Cute shoes!" or "I want that skirt/dress" only to find out that the ad is for the pantyhose. :p

In other news...I've been waiting for my books to arrive from the University bookstore. I've been stalking my front door, frightening the boy with the local paper when I wrenched the door open as he was putting it in the letter box. I want my books, dammit! I want to get a head start on reading them so that I can lie in bed and pretend to work while I take a nap.

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