Tuesday, August 30, 2005

To do list.

Since school is starting in...ohmygod...seven days, and I don't plan on having any time for, well, anything...I have a bunch of stuff I need to get done before all hell breaks loose and crashes around my head...to mix my metaphors.

KARIN'S TO DO LIST (comment if you think I missed anything)
-write to do list
-break the ellipsis habit (these ... )
-clean bathroom, including ceiling corners (cobwebs! Ew!)
-investigate wiring ADSL down into my room
-empty large kids desk that has been in my room unused (except as a junk receptacle) for the last eight years.
-get kids desk that has been in my room unused for the last eight years (except as a junk receptacle) out of my room.
(aside: that desk has been a giant white elephant in my room...I rarely notice it except when I get really cranky that it's there, and USELESS AND HUGE!!!!)
-sort through boxes that just had crap thrown into them when we had the flood (and at other times, if I'm being completely honest...)
-move boxes into my closet, or otherwise get them the hell off my floor.
-take roughly 500 books to used bookstores, and/or bookcross them. (my username is CanadaGrrl)
-clean out car (since I'll be parking it in places for a long time all next year...places which are probably less safe than outside my house WHERE I STILL GOT BROKEN INTO)
-get neatly bagged popcans and bottles out of my room (I do well at getting them into the bags, now I need to get them out of the house and turned into money)
-hopefully I'll already have the space, but if not, rearrange furniture to fit a new, lovely, inexpensive desk.
-buy lovely, inexpensive desk (probably from Superstore) to replace the white monstrosity currently residing in my room.
-set up lovely, inexpensive desk
-move my computer down onto my lovely, inexpensive desk (I'm slightly enamoured of the idea of getting a new desk...not that I'm sure you'd notice at all)
-clean kitchen/studio and move the rest of the loose art supplies somewhere else.
-build this so that I become a fantastic student with my lovely, expensive new desk and fantastic armrest dealie. (bah, who'm I kidding? I'll be asking someone who's got mad wood skills to build it.)
-edit three previously written articles for SPIN and write two more that I've committed to writing.

Oh my god. Did I say there were only seven days left until school starts? *starts jibbering in panic*

I changed my mind...don't add any more things in the comments. Support in the form of chocolate, alcohol, chocolate alcohol and/or assistance in moving stuff or being the "What the hell are you keeping THAT for" person when I go through boxes will be gratefully accepted.

Holy crap.


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