Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It must be love.

I got spoiled rotten this weekend. :) We wound up not going to Pender (financial/me feeling like crap/etc.) and basically hung around Dave's place all weekend. Highlights of the weekend: Dave cutting and dyeing my hair (my mom: "You trust him to cut your hair? It MUST be love"), disc golf and me not getting bitten/stung by anything, plums and plum cake, teriyaki steak and stirfry and prawns, sleeping in, much cuddling, 24 (aka The Jack Bauer Power Hour), relaxing, visiting the Poke and family.

Now for the whining.

I have been sleeping SO MUCH lately. I feel nauseated a lot of the time, and when I'm not feeling sick I feel dizzy. My joints and muscles are aching most of the time. I was in town so I could've gone to karate, but I fell asleep and didn't make it. Dave tried to wake me up and I vaguely remember that, then going back to sleep. This is bad because I actually got up and walked around for a little while before foggily going back to sleep. (Foggily a word? Whatever.)

I'm going to the doctor this week. (Hello yearly female test...this is a reminder to the other six or so female bloggers whom I know who have it at the same time of year as I do) I'm going to talk to her about the tick bite (since I'm paranoid and it's not really disappearing the way that it should) and why on earth I feel like utter crap.

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