Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pet fever

I get like this once in a while...I think it's when I'm ovulating. I need something soft and fuzzy to take care of. Usually this results in my drooling over puppies and kittens in a pet store, but refrain from buying anything because it wouldn't make much sense. I miss having my fish tanks up, but since I'll (please God) be moving out within a year it doesn't make sense to put them up, only to have to tear them down again to move.

However, my best friend has raised some society finches which are just the most adorable little birds. (Scroll down...the cute ones are at the bottom...they're fairly hideous as hatchlings) They have this sweet little's like "prrrrrr...peep peep peep peep...prrrrrrr peep peep peep." They aren't that messy and they'll land on you when they fly around.

I want these little babies. They're just too adorable.

However, I'd need to clean the cage, and change the water and food, and let them fly around, and clean up after them when they poop all over the place, and vacuum up the seed they chuck around.

But it sounds like a good idea...

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