Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So. Tired.

I babysat yesterday to today...and I'm exhausted. The kids were great (brother and sister, 12 and 10) and the pets were great too (1 year old cat, BIG golden retriever) but I don't sleep well in a new place and my allergies were acting up a bit.

Did anyone hear the RAIN last night? Holy smokes...I thought the sky was falling.

Checklist of stuff to do...
Three or four articles for SPIN. (One's done! One's being researched! [er...not right this second.])
Edit my FREAKING NOVEL. (5 pages done, many, many to go, although I've scribbled all over all of the pages now)
SLEEEEEEP. (yes. Off to take a quick nap before my SPIN meeting tonight.)

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